The ultimate travel Guide to Tulum

Tulum tulum you’ve been on my mind for years since this place is pure magic. I’ve just been here but I already want to go back. This town is filled with color, magic, history, crystal clear waters and the kindest people I’ve have meet on my travels.

I love wandering and immersing myself in a new place and I couldn’t get enough of the laid-back feeling of Tulum. I’ve made a collection of the places and things I loved about Tulum. If you’re planning a visit or just want to know a little bit more about this town, keep on reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts at the end.

What to See & Do around Tulum

Rent a Bike

Considering it is a populair way to get around in Tulum. You can rent one and ride into town or the ruins. We also rented a car to visit the cenotes, more of Quintana Roo and Yucatan. But more on that later on.

Ruins of Tulum

Google Tulum and the first time you’ll see are these ancient Maya ruins. Because of the sheer limestone cliffs above the crystal clear waters they remain populair. So get there at opening to avoid major crowds and you’ll thank yourself. You might even get a chance to get this Instagram worthy scene on picture without the mass crowds.

The Beach

I’ve been to a few places around the world. But never have I seen such a beautiful beach. Tulum is known for it’s turquoise water and white sand beaches. You can go and visit a beach club like my favorite, Coco Tulum. The beauty will amaze you. Or just go to the public beach and chill with the locals underneath a palm tree. Relaxation to the max!


You can’t go to Tulum and not visit the cenotes. They’re natural fresh water pools often caves where you can swim and dive where Mayans communicated with the gods.

We went to Cenote Dos Ojos and a secret, private one with a guide. This one was my favorite since there were no tourists and you’d walk trough an underground cave to get there. Which takes us to my next must-do.


Go find yourself a guide and wander through the caves. It’ll be an experience like no other. Imagine dark caves with no sounds other than you walking trough the waters. Nowhere in the world you can get this experience. So if you have the time and money don’t miss out on this one.

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

Not only the crystal clear waters with no animals in them were mind-blowing but also the jungle itself. We walked up to a Mayan Temple which was even better than the others we’d seen since we were the only ones there.

After the jungle we went up into the waters with a boat trough the mangroves. Silence and crystal clear waters. The beauty of Mexico keeps amazing me. It’s like no place I’ve seen before.

At the pier we stopped to put on our life jacket as a diaper. In this way we could float trough the mangroves ourself. Probably the best and most relaxing thing I’ve ever done. No spa needed just nature. But remember you do need a guide for this one.

Not in Tulum but definitely worth the visit

Soliman Bay

If you thought the beaches of Tulum are perfect. Think again. Soliman Bay is even better. No words can describe this place. But sure as hell I’ll try. You can walk up to 200 meters in the see and everywhere around you is coral. Palmtrees everywhere no tourist and a local kitchen. The best thing on the menu are definitely the ceviches.

Places to visit in Yucatan

Las Colorados

Pink lakes.. Do I need to say any more? We decided to rent a car and explore more of Yucatan and Quintana Roo. Our first stop would be the pink lakes of Rio Lagartos. I’ve read so many things about the lake and the flamingos so we wanted to go and check it for ourselves. Since the first tourist only came half a year ago there is no tourism at all. For us that’s a huge plus. We like to explore the more non touristy places. But there is only one restaurant and one tiny store so stack up on drinks and snacks since it’s a long 3 hour drive. The drive itself is very save in the period we went. Not that many others and no bad weather conditions. But there is one downside. The holes in the road. You can’t see them that well but you’ll feel them. Trust me.

The lake itself wasn’t that interesting since the thing you’ll see on pictures is not available for tourists any longer. But the region itself was stunning and absolutely breathtaking. We’ve seen so many flamingos in the wild and birds who live nowhere else but there and also the rough Mexican sea. If you’re looking for the picture perfect pink lake you might consider to just leave it and look at the pictures instead.


After a two hour drive from Las Colorados we arrived in Valladolid. The most beautiful town to get lost in with all the colorful houses and friendly people in it. But remember it’ll be a hot one during summer.


From Playa del Carmen we took the ferry to Cozumel. On the island Cozumel we rented a scooter and just drove until we wanted to dive in the sea, get some food or just wanted to take pictures. Just drive and see where it’ll take you.

Where to stay in Tulum

Tulum Pueblo

We decided to rent an Airbnb in Tulum Pueblo. The best decision we’ve made. While most people stay on the main, tourist hotel strip, we wanted to be in town and get the local experience. We’ve found this hidden gem a little outside the main area. If you’d open the doors you’d get a calm, peaceful jungle vibe immediately. Our host even gave us lots of great tips. It’s called Aqua Viva.

Where to eat + drink in Tulum

At almost every corner in Tulum Pueblo you can eat whatever. Go into a local shop and you’ll have the best tacos ever. Or head up to El Milagrito for a Mexican breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar

Fancy live music and a nice mojito? This is your place to be. It’s a nice and cosy bar with live music every evening. This was the night it was pouring rain so everything moves inside so you can still enjoy.

When to travel to Tulum

Go travel in May or June before the high season. The weather will be good. Not to hot and before the tourism mass.If you’re looking for a guide I’d highly recommend you Mehdi. You can contact him via his website He’s a great guide for the local experience and knows everything about the nature, the animals and is very kind hearted.

I’ll definitely want to go back another time. But for now I cherish these moments like dreams.

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